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Poop Bag Dispenser: Silicone AVOCADO

Poop Bag Dispenser: Silicone AVOCADO

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1 - Silicone avocado poop bag dispenser

1 - Silcone avocado waste holder

2 - Pookie Pet branded poop bag rolls

1 - Carabiner

A poop whilst on a walk or a play at the park is inevitable, stay responsible and prepared with this trendy silicone avocado poop bag dispenser and silicone avocado clip, designed as a perfect pair - carry the empty bags and carry the full bags on one convenient clip- cause lets be honest you would rather have your hands free.

BONUS: Each waste bag holder comes with a Pookie Pets branded roll of eco-friendly waste disposal bags.

Does your dogs waste bag holder need a refill? Grab some more rolls here!



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