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Car Restraint: ARMY

Car Restraint: ARMY

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  • The ultimate must have for pets traveling in the car
  • Adjustable length 31cm-60cm
  • 2.5cm thickness
  • Metal clip easily clip in the car seat
  • Heavy duty metal snap clip that attaches to the D-ring
  • Pookie Pets designed pattern 
  • Simple solution to keep your dog in one position while driving 
  • Made from strong and durable seat belt webbing 

Your pet's safety matters. These have been designed for your dog to ride in the car with you, so you can drive stress free knowing your pet is safe.

The adjustable feature allows you to customize the length of the restraint to suit your dog's size and movement range. This ensures their comfort while still keeping them safely restrained.

These Car Clips easily attached to your dog's Pookie Pets harness.

The 'Click" buckle is easy to use and securely locks into the seat belt socket, providing a reliable connection between your dog's harness and the car seat. This eliminates the risk of the restraint accidently coming undone during the journey.

Using a car restraint for your pup not only prevents driver distraction but also protects your dog from potential injuries caused by sudden movements or accidents. Always clip a care restraint product to your pets harness (never attached to a collar), attaching a car restraint clip to a collar may result in injury. 



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