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Glow In The Dark Poop Bag Holder

Glow In The Dark Poop Bag Holder

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The GLOW IN THE DARK silicone holder for carrying used poop bags is a small, light-weight but essential, accessory for any dog owner on-the-go.

Made from soft, durable and flexible silicone. It comes with a complimentary carabiner that you can use to easily clip the holder onto any leash or belt loop to provide a convenient solution for carrying your dog's waste. the Y cut out will securely grip any used poop bags. The holder is perfect for those who want to keep their hands free while on walks and is on an ideal solution for all types of dog owners. You will never have to worry about how to dispose of your dog's waste and you wont have to worry about carrying the waste bags in your hand until you find a bin.  

 Please note the Y or X cutout might be hard at first but after as few uses the silicone will soften up and make it easier to push your poop bag through.

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