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REFLECTIVE Comfort Cat Collar - HEARTS

REFLECTIVE Comfort Cat Collar - HEARTS

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  • REFLECTIVE - keeping your cat safe in low light conditions
  • 2cm width
  • Adjustable 15cm - 30cm- for every life stage
  • Soft
  • One Bell
  • Easy to Clean
  • Pookie Pet designed

Pookie Pets have designed these cat safety collars with your feline friend in mind.

Make measuring your cats easily with the Pookie Pets Tape measure, order one here now!

The collars are made using snap buckle locks, meaning if your cat gets caught somewhere the buckle comes undone.

With up to 80% more REFLECTIVE technology than any standard cat collars on the market, these collars are the perfect MUST have for your cats whether they are indoor cats or outdoor cats these collars can help keep your cat safe.

Help protect your wildlife with these collars, the Pookie Pets designed reflective material shines in the sun or light, which is the perfect warning for animals like lizards with poor hearing. It also has a bell attached to give warning to birds, possums or other wildlife about.

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