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Pookie Pets ULTIMATE 6 in 1 dog leash

Pookie Pets ULTIMATE 6 in 1 dog leash

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Our Pookie Pet designed leash is one of a kind - THE ULTIMATE DOG LEASH - THE ONLY leash you will ever need!


  • Strong handle, with soft neoprene padding
  • Metal D-ring, for all your accessories
  • Adjustable buckle with lock, to wrap around your waist, a cafe table, a pole.
  • Adjustable length when walking - 170cm - 200cm
  • Flip out car seat buckle - so you dont have to change or add on attachments to your harness
  • Bungee cord, great for running, pulling dogs
  • Double plastic handle - for road safety 
  • Extra strong metal infinity swivel to reduce the twists in the leash
  • Metal clip to attach to the dog harness or collar 
  • Solid colour design with strong light reflective stitching

Made from soft touch webbing, the Pookie Pet ULTIMATE Leash a is comfortable, strong, and durable leash that has been tested - with a maximum pull strength/weight of 195kg 

You can also unclip the leash and wear it around your waist, shoulder or use it as a temporary tether for your dog. The leash is equipped with Pookie Pets’ shock-reducing technology, which absorbs shock and jolts to keep you and your dog comfortable while on a walk or run.

The leash has a small adjustable buckle strap which can be used to make the leash shorter or longer when walking, and larger or smaller when using the leash around your waist or pole.

The neoprene lined handle adds another layer of comfort and ease of use. Plus, with its reflective trim, you and your dog will stay visible during nighttime runs, ensuring your safety

This leash is perfect for active dogs and owners who love to go on outdoor adventures together. The bungee system helps to reduce the strain on your arm and shoulder when your dog pulls or lunges, while the neoprene lining provides added comfort for your hand. The additional handle near the collar allows you to quickly gain control of your dog in emergency situations. The reflective stitching ensures that you and your dog are visible in low-light conditions, making it safer for early-morning or late-evening walks. The D-ring is perfect for attaching accessories such as waste bags or lights. Overall, this leash provides the ultimate combination of comfort, control, and protection, making it the perfect choice for any dog owner.

- please do not use the car buckle clip when this is attached to the dogs collar, for safety reasons please attach to harness.

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