Veterinary Reviews

" As a pet owner you would want to be confident that your furry friend is safe from the moment they step out from your door. Being sure you have a harness that perfectly fits them is important in making sure you have good control. Pookie 
Pets harnesses have been designed to fit a range of sizes to fit all types of breed shapes. These harnesses are also lined with a material that is up to 80% more reflective than what is currently available on the market. This means your loved one is more visible in low-light conditions making those early morning and late night walks safer." Dr Jen - Australia


"As a vet, its fantastic to see a harness product that is both beautiful, functional and potentially life saving for dogs and cats out and about at night. Very innovative and lots of fun designs to choose from!" Dr Elizabeth


" Beautiful and comfortable harnesses and leashes for dogs and cats. These have the most reflective properties that I have seen on the current market. Highly recommended to improve visibility which will hopefully prevent your pets from car accidents or being lost." Dr Jasmine - Australia


" As a veterinary anesthetist, one of the most common injuries that require surgical intervention I have seen is mobile accidents particularly at night when visibility is low. One of the potential ways to reduces these incidents is by putting reflective collar and harnesses on your pets. The stronger the reflection, the further away they could be seen and the more time for the drivers to take necessary measure to avoid accidents. These products have stronger reflection that any other products I have seen on the market and I believe they can greatly increase the safety of your pets."  Dr Jason - Veterinary Anesthetist, Hong Kong 


"As a veterinarian some of the most devastating cases I see in emergency and general practice is animals that have been hit by cars and involved in road traffic accidents. If an animal is lucky enough to make it to the vet, the injuries are generally catastrophic and result in either humane euthanasia or cost prohibitive surgery. Most of these cases are due to either animals that have escaped their owners yards or broken free during a walk or in a dog park. Pookie Pets has come up with an initiative way to try keep your fur babies safe by increasing their visibility. The reflective cat and dog collars make it easier for motorists to see them on the side or the road and take action earlier than cats not wearing a reflective collar. While their dog harness's have world class reflective technology, while being both stylish and safe. Their harness buckles have a tested breaking strength of 220kg, making them a strong dog harness. I, as both a veterinarian and dog owner endorse the use of Pookie Pets to help the visibility of your pet while being out and about in our beautiful country."  Dr Charlene - Australia


" As a small animal vet, my ultimate goal is to be able to educate and empower owners to be able to look after their pets and make safer decisions for their everyday care. The Pookie Pet products are so unique in their design and allow for our little furries to be so visible, and hence safer, whilst looking ridiculously stylish! What more could you want!" - Dr Stephanie