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Stainless Steel Parrot Foraging Toy with Bells

Stainless Steel Parrot Foraging Toy with Bells

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SICK of buying expensive toys that get destroyed and broken to bits in a matter of hours?

Introducing our Pookie Pet designed Parrot foraging Toy - designed for big beaks!

Built TOUGH & built to LAST

Made from 304 Food Grade Stainless steel it contains two hemispheres that your parrot has to try open - hide treats, food, toys inside and watch them have hours of fun retrieving them!

Iridescent stainless steel, with a large 6.8cm ball bell that can be swapped out to other toys using the carabiner, - this toy is guaranteed to catch your birds attention!

 This toy is recommended for large birds and parrots. 

WE OFFER A TWO YEAR WARRANTY (excluding bell) !! -meaning if it BREAKS we will send you a once off replacement 

Large bell to be used at the discretion of the owner, it is not suitable for all birds. Please always supervise your bird while using this.

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